WEINGARTEN 25-30ton rozwijak do blachy w kręgu

Kod produktu: 230919/2
Dodano: 2019-09-23
Szczegóły produktu

Weingarten line for straightening the sheet, complete with;

- Weingarten UAH 150 150x (and infinite) x 3-16mm (nominal load capacity 25 tons, effective 30 tons or more)
- complete with electrical installation + PLC installed NEW from 2004
- mobile loading bed
- hydraulic central

Weingarten UAH 150 Decoiler 30 ton
25 t nominal, 30t max
sheet 3-16mm
coils spindle 460min-650max
coils max diam. 1800mm
double head
trolley for hydraulic lifting of coils

decolier 3000x2390x2650 6300kg
decolier 3000x2390x2650 6300kg
trolley for hydraulic lifting of coils 2970x960x850 2000kg
hydraulic power unit 1600x800x1600 660kg
electric power unit 1100x1100x1300 450kg


with 2004 electrical panel and plc