Waterjet Corp Classica 2012 KMT 37kW

Waterjet Corp Classica 2012 KMT 37kW
Kod produktu: 141119
Dodano: 2019-11-14
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Waterjet Corp Classic 2012 KMT 37kW
In perfect condition and still assembled and working with only 3,500 hours of work.
Features: 3 Axis Waterjet used with stainless steel work table size 3,400 x 1,600 mm, pressure intensifier 37 kW KMT brand Streamline Slv, n ° 2 cutting heads that can be used to work in parallel doubling the production, or one head can also be used by sending the other one to “parking”.
300 kg pressure abrasive tank, sludge evacuator.
Watercad-cam 2D software.