Tokarka ciężka Kramatorsk 1680 4 slides 2500 x 19000 heavy duty cnc Fagor

KRAMATORSK 1680 cnc fagor (2)
KRAMATORSK 1680 cnc fagor (3)
KRAMATORSK 1680 cnc fagor (4)
KRAMATORSK 1680 cnc fagor (1)
Kod produktu: 0019
Dodano: 2013-12-23
Szczegóły produktu

CNC LATHE KRAMATORSK 1680  2.500 x 19.000

2500 mm diameter on the bench
Diameter over carriage 2200 mm
Spindle diameter (with 4 new independent label) 2500 mm
Distance between centers 19000 mm
Width of 2300 mm pallet 4 guides
Permissible weight between centers 100 ton
Speed 0 to 130 RPM
Engine power 140 kW
Tailstock spindle Ø 400 mm
Bezel roller Ø 400 ÷ 2300 mm new
Ball Screws new XO 80 mm transverse axis
Wear-resistant material on all sliding parts;
Two independent tanks


work carried out:

Wear protection materials on all surfaces in sliding.

Main Engine (Ansaldo power 140 kW) and all the engines for the new movement.

Pallet guides temperate again.

Motorization of the tailstock.

Increased the ratio of 18% between the pinion gear and the spindle. For more ultimate power.

Application of a New CNC FAGOR 8055 T

Retrofit Year 2012/2013

Year not specified machine

Mod 1680