Muller prasa 500ton hydrauliczna 2500x1900 2 szt

Muller 500ton pressesMuller 500ton presses
Cena netto: 120.000,00 €
Kod produktu: 121020
Dodano: 2020-11-24
Szczegóły produktu

Builder Muller
Thrust 500 Ton
Number of pistons 2
X-Y plane dimensions (mm) 2500 x 1900
Club dimensions X-Y (mm) 2500x1900
Stroke (mm) 1000
Light at P.M.S. * (Mm) 1800
Blank holder cushions
Number of cushions 2
Thrust cushion 250 Ton
Cushions stroke 300 mm
moving bloster
shock absorber

siemens s7 plc
Machine conditions Revised
Revised electrical system