Müller Weingarten 2000 ton prasa hydrauliczna 4500x2200

Kod produktu: 220119
Dodano: 2019-01-22
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Müller Weingarten 2000 Ton Hydraulic press, large table, cushion x 2    
with distance between the columns 4.600 mm, cushion on slide and on table

Man:                                                 Müller Weingarten   ZE 2000-45/22.1.1 (Germany)
Force (total nominal):                      2.000 Ton.
Stroke :                                            1.200 mm

Day light :                                         2.350 mm
Distance between  the columns :   4.600 mm
Table :                                              4.500 mm x  2.200 mm
Slide dimension :                            4.500 mm x  2.200 mm
Lateral windows :                            2.300 mm x  1.500 mm

Cushion on the slide
Force :                                              100 Ton.
Stroke :                                             150 mm

Cushion on the table
Force :                                               300 Ton.
Stroke :                                              300 mm 

Accessories :                                    rapid device for moving die

MÜLLER ZE 2000-45/22.1.1
New approx.1973

Press Design drive system
hydraulic openings in uprights, yes

slide ejectors / cushion, yes

table cushion, yes

quick die change system, yes

feedstock transport direction
left to right

Press Table
table surface (left-right) 4500 mm
table surface (front-back) 2200 mm
height above floor level 400 mm

slide force 2000 ton
table surface (left-right) 4500 mm
table surface (front-back) 2200 mm
stroke 1200 mm
stroke rate (max.) 16/min

slide ejector / cushion
working principle
nominal force 100 ton
stroke 150 mm

Die Cushion (table cushion)
number of cushions 1
cushion force 300 ton
stroke 300 mm

Tool Assembly Dimensions
distance table - slide max. 2350 mm
passline opening (free passage in side columns) 2300 mm
free passage between side columns (height) 1500 mm

Transfer System
stroke Y fix 200 mm
stroke Z fix 160 mm
Inner width clamping rails open max. 2200 mm
Inner width clamping rails open min.1240 mm

Electrical specifications
total power consumption 410 kW

Dimensions / weights
total weight approx.155000 kg

Attachments (presses)
gripper transfer system, yes