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HAAS MILIMILL HE milling machinesHAAS-MILIMILL-HE-milling-machines
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Dodano: 2018-09-03
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Haas MiniMill HE

- production year 2005
- Work area xyz: 406x305x320mm (the machine has a factory spacer under the axis Z in
due to which the passage is increased from 254 to 320mm),
- Table dimensions: 730x305mm
- 3-groove table - groove dimension 16mm
- Max. Table load 230kg
- Spindle power 6kW
- Spindle rotation 6000 rpm
- Belt spindle drive (we have 1 spare belt)
- SK40 spindle taper Max spindle torque 60Nm
- Max. Tool diameter fi89 weight up to 5.4kg
- Tool magazine for 10 carousels
- Renishaw detail probe and tools (regularly calibrated)
- The machine is efficient in continuous operation - it has never been used for production -
only tooling
- Fast processor supporting HSM machining
- Computer with software and RS232 cable for transferring files in mode
DNC or save to milling machine
- Rigid threading
- Macro function that allows you to write parametric programs
- G68 rotation of the coordinate system according to probe measurements
- coordinate rotation and scaling
- detail mirroring function
- VGC mode for programming probes and drilling and milling cycles
- IPS support of machining programming from the desktop
- spindle orientation
- Chip ejector
- Coolant tank integrated with the machine - tank capacity 100l,
external cooling + rinsing of the machine's working area
- air installation and gun,
- working space lighting (LED spotlights)
- Oil separator in the coolant reservoir
- Screw chip ejector
- Regularly serviced by HAAS in Poland
- Hours of work visible in the pictures

From the very beginning, the machine has been working in a tool shop, never used in production, in very good condition, holding accuracy up to 0.01mm (details measured on a measuring machine).

The machine is registered and bought at the Polish HAAS service.

Recently replaced spindle belt (the second new one is added for free), removed covers and proven lubrication, guides and spindle bearings, everything is in very good condition, no knocks, no cracks or similar things.

The HE version has a spacer under the Z-axis tower - so the Z-axis range is enlarged from 254mm to approx. 330mm (factory).

It is a machine from our tool shop, in continuous use, the ability to check and test on the spot after prior appointment.

For the machine we add RS232 cable for transmission in DNC mode and transferring programs from laptop to machine - laptop and software included in the price of the machine. It allows sending files in real time of large files exceeding the machine's memory (we uploaded files up to 300MB)

With additional equipment options:

- Renishaw probes - detail + tools

- Macro function unlocked

- Detail rotation and angular offsets

- Rigid threading

- VQC mode - for probes and for drilling and milling cycles

- IPS - writing programs from the "finger", so-called intuitive programming

- All control functions are virtually unlocked

- Laptop + RS232 cable for transferring files to the machine (possibility of connection to the plant network)

- Support in Polish, instruction manual and a set of documents.

Machine under the current in continuous use to view the south of the Polish center

Loading in the price of the machine

Sales due to the replacement of a part of the machine park with new machines / 2018 / there is not enough space