Emag VSC 250 DS tokarka pionowa

Emag VSC 250 DS Vertical turning grinding center latheEmag-VSC-250-DS-Vertical-turning-grinding-center-lathe
Emag VSC 250 DS vertical lathe (7)
Emag VSC 250 DS vertical lathe (6)
Emag VSC 250 DS vertical lathe (2)
Emag VSC 250 DS vertical lathe (5)
Emag VSC 250 DS vertical lathe (3)
Emag VSC 250 DS vertical lathe (4)
Kod produktu: 220218
Dodano: 2018-02-22
Szczegóły produktu

EMAG VSC 250 DS grinding lathe
year 2008
single tool block tool
cnc Sinumeric 840 D
fixed turning tool
grinding electrospindle 40,000 rpm
process control meter
2 pallett shuttle
nail cutter
meter for process control
automatic loading and unloading
possibility of processing pieces to be oriented angularly
chip evacuator
no cooling tank
interfacability to the robot
actual productive use 7,000 h

in company under current until 09.03.2018


Vertical turning and grinding center: Hard turning, scroll-free turning, grinding.

Vertical turning and grinding – a solution that has it all. The combined turning and grinding centers VSC 250 DS, VSC 400 DS and VSC 400 DDS combine the advantages of vertical hard turning with the advantages of grinding, on a single machine, in a single set-up.

Depending on production requirements the turning and grinding center VSC DS can be equipped with turning, milling, drilling, grinding and even honing or hardening modules. It could also use combinations of them, of course. For each requirement the best possible technology is available.

Complete production processes with the turning and grinding center VSC DS

The turning and grinding center VSC DS is specifically designed for the low-cost, process capable, precision machining of medium to large component batches. Typical examples of such workpieces are: gearwheels, chain wheels, sliding sleeves, parts for CVTs, link pins, conrods, rocker arms, bearing rings and piston rings.

In each case, workpiece and quality requirements decide which of the available machining processes is the best and the most economical. The advantage for the customer is in the flexibility that allows them to select the best technology for every application: hard turning, scroll-free turning and grinding, all on a single machine.

As on all machines of the VSC series, the pick-up principle ensures that the EMAG REINECKER VSC DS turning and grinding center loads itself. There is consequently no need for cost-intensive, space-devouring gantry loaders or other loading devices that necessitate time consuming resetting work.

Technical Data

Chuck diameter, max. mm
250 / 400
10 / 15.5
Swing diameter mm
260 / 420
10 / 16.5
X-axis travel mm
680 / 850
27 / 33.5
Z-axis travel mm
200 / 315
8 / 12.5
Y-axis travel (optional) mm